Elise Kerns has been doing stand-up comedy for a little over a year but has been around it for 29 years thanks to her comedian father, rick kerns.

Growing up with a comedian instilled a strong desire in her to make people happy by making them laugh, the way her dad always did.  It's been a life long dream of hers to get to do just that..as a profession. Her father is quoted in the Denver Post saying he'd rather she be a stripper than a stand-up comic. Fingers crossed she continues to disappoint him.

As a comedian, she's been hailed as "hilarious" by Wende Curtis, owner of Comedy Works, and "really? I guess she's ok" by someone less impressive.  One of her heroes, Dan Savage, said "she absolutely killed it" when she performed at his Live, sold-out Savage Lovecast recording at the Oriental Theater.

She co-hosts a comedy showcase at Ophelia's in Denver called Get Thee to a Nunnery and hosts her own monthly podcast, Elise's Locos Talkos, where she takes an in-depth look at her fierce loyalty to food, comedy, dance, mental health awareness and all things LGBTQ. 

She's opened for the likes of Dan Savage, Josh Blue, and Todd Glass and has performed at the world famous Comedy Works a handful times, sold-out crowds at the historic Rialto Theater in Loveland, CO and the Oriental Theater in Denver, CO and Fiddler's Green Amphitheater.

You can catch her at local comedy shows all over the Denver Metro area. 

Or at Taco Bell.